StarTraX - Re-live your trip in Google Earth


StarTraX is a real-time GPS track animator which works through the amazing Google Earth.

It allows you to relive your GPS journey in real time.

High definition images from Google Earth combine with StarTraX to show you exactly where you’ve been. Whether you are a pilot, a skier or cyclist, as long as you have a GPS recording of your journey, you can relive it from your sofa.

StarTraX is provided ENTIRELY FREE. All we ask is that you register your email address so we can keep track of who's "out there". and so we can let you know about upcoming enhancements and fixes.

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Why use StarTraX?

  • Re-live the pleasure of the trip, perhaps show off to your friends. Back home now, warm, dry, relaxed, perhaps with a glass of wine, you can now re-live the day’s activity and once again experience the excitement, awe, terror or calm of the trip. Show your friends how you went to places they’d never been. Amaze them with your skills and stamina!
  • Performance analysis. Check out the performance of yourself, your friends, maybe your students. Critically analyse the turns, choice of route, track selection etc and develop plans to achieve improvements.
  • Find out some details of the trip. How far did you go? How high, how fast? What was that interesting place you passed without stopping?
  • It’s a good general purpose GPS track replay and analysis system which is easy, convenient and intuitive to use.

StarTraX controls a session of Google Earth and presents a control screen to put you in the driving seat of a 3D model of your trip.
A dynamic on-screen display shows data about the animation.

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